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New Products and Masks 100% Organic and handmade cotton

New Products and Masks 100% Organic and handmade cotton

This time we want to tell you about the new masks for both children and adults that we have created with 100% organic cotton.

For those people, who already know us a bit, you know that organic products are one of the product lines that we would love to expand and make regularly, since there are many people with allergies and other problems derived from the continuous use of chemicals to which we are normally subdued.

On a personal level, whenever we can, we try to use the maximum of products of natural and ecological origin both in our personal hygiene and care, as well as in our clothing and household cleaning products. In addition, we always try to recycle correctly and in the store almost all used containers and wrappings are not very aggressive with the environment.

It is because of that concern for nature and the environment that surrounds us, that we have created a line of artisan products made with 100% organic and 100% cotton ecological fabric, you can go to see what we have from this link 

And our organic cotton also meets the following certificates. 

Remember that organic cotton is one that is grown free of toxic substances such as fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides of petrochemical origin.

It also uses 50% less water than normal cotton growing.

Some benefits of artisan products made with organic cotton are:

  • They are softer and more breathable fabrics.

  • They are hypoallergenic since they do not carry toxic residues, therefore ideal for people with sensitive skin and babies with atopic skin.

  • They are more resistant and durable fabrics.

  • They are fabrics that prevent allergic reactions.

  • It benefits the environment and we help maintain the planet

We already know that at the moment we do not have many products and that the patterns are not very varied, but every day there are more initiatives in this field and soon we will have products that will have more color and variety, and will continue to be 100% organic.

Since although natural dyes already exist, there is little variety and it is difficult to find manufacturers.

We remind you that organic pigments are extracted from plants, insects and minerals, although most come from plants and fungi, due to their characteristics they have the virtue of dyeing the natural fibers of organic cotton and do not contain chemical components harmful to health or the environment. ambient.

For now we encourage you to see below a small sample of images of the products we have.

And if you like them, you can click directly on the images and you will go to the store section where you can locate them and learn more about them and if you feel like it :) Of course, you can buy it.

As always a pleasure to be able to speak (virtually) with you and you.

And do not forget that you can comment or request what you want us to talk about or what you want us to do, also if you have any questions put it in comments and we will answer you quickly.


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