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Differents product hadmadef fabric.


  • Potholders

    Handmade potholders printed fabric.

  • Bibs

    Artisans bibs printed fabric and other materials.

  • School smock

    Handmade school smock make with different tissues.

  • Bags and organizers

    Bags of different types, sizes, materials, ... so you can always carry what you need.

  • Travel changers

    Artisan travel changers with plastic towel and cloth handmade. 

  • Baby Hooded Towel

    Artisan baby hooded towel with handmade fabric.

  • Cushions

    Artisan cushions handmade.

  • Hearts

    Hearts printed fabric craft handmede.

  • Apron

    Canvas aprons craftsmen and handmade fabric.

  • Covers

    Artisan fabric cover handmade.

  • Games

    Artisan games fabric, felt, handmade.

  • Keychains

    Artisan keychains, fabric, flelt,.. handmade.

  • Baby blanket. lulaby...

    Different artisan product, handmade.

  • Bookmarks

    Artisan bookmark, cloth, felt, crochet,... handmade.

  • Cloth Masks

    Cloth masks for adults and children handmade with double layer in 100% cotton cloth. Easy to fit and reusable as they can be machine washed.

  • Dishcloth

    Cloth dish towel artisan handmade fabric.

  • For tea

    Small save tablecloths, craft, designed to put cups, teapot, glass, ...

  • Board

    Portable boards handmade fabric.

  • Pencil case

    Pencil cases handmade with different patterns.

  • Cross stitch and...

    Different handmade products with some cross stitch motif or made using the patchwork technique.

  • Save tablecloth

    Save tablecloth artisans handmade fabric.

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